What is Friends of NRA?

Friends of NRA is the blockbuster fundraising program under The NRA Foundation. Since day one, it has been a 100% grassroots effort fueled by a united front to secure the Second Amendment and raise money for the shooting sports.


Friday, November 1
Congratulations winner Todd P from Lindsay, Oklahoma!

Sig Sauer 1911 STX Semi-Auto Pistol($1,099.99)
(.45 ACP) The Sig Sauer® 1911 STX™ is a highly advanced semi-auto pistol based on the Browning designed M1911 single-action, recoil-operated military sidearm. The 1911 STX features a Nitron™ treated stainless steel slide over a natural stainless steel frame. The frame and slide are machined to exacting tolerances and hand-fitted for enhanced reliability and accuracy. The frame features a machined, stainless steel mag well for fast and effortless reloading. Hogue burled maple grip panels accentuate the pistol's beauty, yet are highly functional; and the front grip strap and flat mainspring housing are finely checkered for a non-slip hold. The slide features dovetailed, SIGLITE®, adjustable, combat night sights to provide rapid sight acquisition in any light.

Saturday, November 2
Congratulations Dennis K from Coweta, Oklahoma.

Kimber Hunter Pro Bolt-Action Rifle  ($949.99)
(6.5 Creedmoor) The Kimber® Hunter is a trim, lightweight bolt-action rifle made to carry over extreme terrain—and hit targets at extended ranges. The rifle is built on the Kimber 84M stainless steel action that utilizes a Mauser claw extractor and a 3-position wing safety. The composite stock features TrueTimber® O2™ Octane camo, a versatile multi-environment pattern that maximizes up-close concealment, while using contrasting light and dark colors to disrupt the human silhouette at long distances.

Sunday, November 3
Congratulations Leslie B. from Claremore, Oklahoma.

Ruger PC Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle Model 19100 ($549.99)
(9 mm) The Ruger® PC Carbine™ is a well-balanced, fast-handling weapon that delivers rapid fire with readily available 9x19mm ammunition. The carbine is adaptable, with interchangeable magazine wells, for use with either GLOCK® pistol magazines, or Ruger SR9, Security-9, and Ruger American pistol magazines. The receiver is CNC-milled from a 7075-T6 aluminum billet and Type III hard-coat anodized for maximum durability; and, the receiver comes with an integrated Picatinny rail.

Monday, November 4
Congratulations to Mark M. from Houma, Louisiana.

Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol ($499.99)
It’s not too late to purchase BOGO Free tickets for tomorrows Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey Pump-Action Shotgun.

Thank you for your support. The NRA Foundation continues to teach freedom through programs that instill knowledge about our nation’s great history. We build partnerships with leaders in our communities and provide grants that are instrumental in funding programs that support our shared vision.

Tuesday, November 5
Congratulations to Tremaine T. from Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey Pump-Action Shotgun ($449.99)

(12 Gauge) The Mossberg® 835 Ulti-Mag® Turkey Pump-Action Shotgun offers hunters an incredibly reliable and dependable firearm, outfitted specifically for turkey hunting. The 3-1/2" chamber delivers the heaviest loads of shot; and the overbored and ported barrel reduces recoil and minimizes muzzle jump from magnum loads for rapid follow up shots. The overbored barrel also serves to cushion the shot charge, reducing pellet deformation for dense shot patterns.

Wednesday, November 6
Congratulations to Matt H. from Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Ruger Super Blackhawk Single-Action Revolver ($699.99)
(.44 Remington Magnum) The Ruger® Super Blackhawk® Single-Action Revolver is designed specifically to handle the chamber pressures and recoil of the powerful 44 magnum cartridge. The Super Blackhawk is similar to Ruger's standard Blackhawk model in that it has a solid cylinder-frame made of premium modern steel, and uses coil springs throughout the mechanism that retain their power for ultra-durability (instead of leaf-springs).

Thursday, November 7
Congratulations Benji A. from Pryor, Oklahoma.

Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Bolt-Action Rifle w/Scope ($609.99)
(.204 Ruger) The Savage® 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Bolt-Action Rifle comes ready to take into the field with a factory mounted riflescope and exceptional out-of-the-box accuracy. The Trophy Hunter features Savage's AccuTrigger® that is easily adjustable by user to get a light, crisp release with no creep; and a lever mounted within the trigger body blocks the sear unless the trigger is intentionally pressed in the center, virtually minimizing the risk of accidental discharge.

Friday, November 8
Congratulations to David G. from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Franchi Affinity 3 Sport Semi-Auto Shotgun ($799.99)
(12 Gauge) The slim, trim Franchi® Affinity® 3 Sport Semi-Auto Shotgun handles beautifully and points instinctively to bust clay birds from all sporting clays stations. The Affinity 3 uses an Inertia Driven® operating system to cycle 2-3/4"–3" shells flawlessly, without adjustments. This Franchi shotgun features checkered fore-end and pistol grip, full length ventilated rib, and a fiber-optic front sight. Ported barrel helps to reduce muzzle rise for faster second shot target acquisition.

Saturday, November 9
Congratulations Steve V. from Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Winchester Model 101 Ultimate Sporting O/U Shotgun ($1,499.99)
(12 Gauge) The Winchester® Model 101 Ultimate Sporting is a fast-handling, smooth-swinging Over/Under Shotgun, made in Belgium to traditional Model 101 dimensions. At the heart of the 101 a low profile steel receiver that enhances quick and instinctive shooting needed for sporting clays and other shooting sports. With the low profile receiver, recoil occurs in-line, directly back, reducing muzzle jump for faster follow-up shots. A Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad absorbs recoil also aiding in getting off rapid second shots, while reducing shooter fatigue so you can stay on target for long days on the range.

Sunday, November 10
Congratulations Mark P from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 Double-Action Revolver ($839.99)
(.357 Magnum) The Smith & Wesson® Model 686 is an L-Frame, Double-Action Revolver chambered in .357 magnum. The L-Frame Smith & Wesson is a "medium/heavy" frame specifically designed to hold up to prolonged use with full-power .357 magnum loads, as well as any .38 Special ammunition. The 686 features a 6-round cylinder; and a full-length ejector rod shroud puts extra weight out front to reduce muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots.

Monday, November 11
Congratulations Gary L. from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Mossberg 500 Field/Security Pump-Action Shotgun Combo ($379.99)
(12 Gauge) The Mossberg® 500® Field/Security Combo offers hunters an incredibly versatile pump-action shotgun, suited for hunting and personal defense. The Field/Security Combo pump shotgun comes with 1 vent-ribbed, dual-bead, ported barrel that accepts Accu-Set choke tubes, and 1 shorter barrel with a fixed, cylinder bore choke and a simple bead sight. The shotgun comes with a hardwood buttstock and fore-end, and an additional rubber pistol grip to replace the wood buttstock for enhanced handling in tight quarters. The 3" chamber functions with both 3" and 2-3/4" shells to enhance the 500's versatility for shooting a variety of loads.

Tuesday, November 12
Congratulations Rick B. from Mounds, Oklahoma.

DPMS Panther Arms Oracle Rifle ($839.99)
(.308 Winchester) The DPMS Panther Arms Oracle rifle is a lightweight , optics ready carbine with a military-standard upper receiver complete with rail. Other noted features are an adjustable Pardus composite stock, solid shield ribbed forend, flash suppressor and spring loaded action dust door. Barrel mounted rail makes perfect place for laser or light attachment. This DPMS rifle has a rear sling adapter and a pistol grip with raised finger hold bars.

Wednesday, November 13
Congratulations Tony D. from Sperry, Oklahoma.

GLOCK G40 Gen4 MOS Semi-Auto Pistol ($779.99)
(10 mm) Reliability and simplicity of use have made GLOCK® pistols a favored sidearm all over the world. The GLOCK G40 Gen4 MOS Semi-Auto Pistol is designed as a serious hunting, tactical, or competition handgun. The G40 shoots the powerful 10mm cartridge, capable of downing deer, hogs, and bear. The long slide reduces muzzle flip considerably to keep the user on target during rapid fire, and also increases sight radius. The G40 Gen4 MOS comes from the factory with a Modular Optic System milled into the top of the slide for mounting aftermarket reflex and red dot sights.

Thursday, November 14
Congratulations Dennis H. from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Henry Big Boy Centerfire Lever-Action Rifle ($799.99)
(.45 Colt) The Henry® Big Boy is a hard-hitting, fast handling centerfire lever-action rifle, with enough fire power for hunting deer and hogs, bear protection, or home defense. The Henry is constructed with a hardened brass receiver with enough strength to handle all magnum ammunition. The receiver has a solid top with side ejection, and is drilled and tapped for a scope mount.

Friday, November 15
Congratulations to James W. from Lahoma, Oklahoma.

Sig Sauer P320-M17 Semi-Auto Pistol 9mm ($649.99)
(9 mm) The Sig Sauer® P320-M17 Semi-Auto Pistol is the civilian model of the M17 service pistol chosen by the US military to replace the M9. The P320-M17 utilizes a striker-fired system and a modular polymer-frame. A smooth, consistent trigger pull permits precision shot placement as well as rapid, controlled fire. Sig semi-automatic pistols have several built-in safety features that make them suitable for safe carry.

Saturday, November 16
Congratulations Jason U. from Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Ruger AR-556 MPR Semi-Auto Rifle in .450 Bushmaster($949.99)
(.450 Bushmaster) The Ruger® AR-556® MPR Semi-Auto Rifle in .450 Bushmaster operates with direct-impingement and a carbine-length gas system. The bolt is machined from high-strength superalloy, significantly stronger than traditional MSR bolt materials, and engineered with tapered lugs to support the large case head of .450 Bushmaster ammunition. The flattop upper receiver features an enlarged ejection port to accommodate the .450 case, as well as forward assist, dust cover, and brass deflector.

Sunday, November 17
Congratulations Jason S. from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt-Action Rifle ($899.99)
(.243 Winchester) The Winchester® Model 70® is the bolt-action rifle that all others are compared to. The Model 70 Featherweight is slightly slimmer, trimmer, and lighter weight than the Sporter model to enhance fast handling as well as ease of carry. The Featherweight uses the same controlled-round, claw-extractor as the "pre-'64" style, which grabs hold of the cartridge's rim shortly after it leaves the magazine and guides it to the chamber, regardless of the angle the rifle is being held, and prevents jams caused by double feeding.

Monday, November 18
Congratulations Steven O. from Bixby, Oklahoma.

Sig Sauer M400 Tread Semi-Auto Rifle ($799.99)
(5.56 NATO) The Sig Sauer® M400 Tread Semi-Auto Rifle operates with a direct impingement gas operating system with rotating locking bolt. The M400 Tread semi-automatic rifle comes with a 6-position Magpul SL-K collapsing stock and a free-floated M-LOK handguard. The rifle operates with a mid-length gas system, a single-stage polished and hard-coat trigger, and ambidextrous controls. The 16" stainless steel barrel comes equipped with an open-prong flash suppressor.

Tuesday, November 19
Congratulations Jim B. from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol ($449.99)
(9 mm) Springfield Armory® XD® Mod.2® Tactical is an ergonomically designed semi-auto pistol meant to deliver rapid, controlled fire during high-stress situations. The XD Mod.2 features Springfield's GripZone™ frame that optimizes pointability and shooting control to get you on target quickly and stay on target during rapid fire. The Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol is simple to takedown for cleaning and maintenance. Comes with 2 double-stacked magazines.

Wednesday, November 20
Congratulations Helen G. from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Winchester SX4 Semi-Auto Shotgun ($699.99)
(12 Gauge) The Winchester® SX4® Semi-Auto Shotgun has improved ergonomics over the previous SX3 model, being slimmer and lighter, with a slightly forward balance point for fluid swinging and follow through. Larger, redesigned operating controls (safety, bolt handle, and bolt release) and a larger trigger guard facilitate getting on target quickly, as well as safe operation. This SX4 shotgun comes with a durable synthetic buttstock and fore-end; the buttstock has an Inflex Technology™ recoil pad that utilizes directional deflection to pull the comb down and away from the shooter's face, creating greater comfort and allowing for faster follow up shots.

Thursday, November 21
Congratulations Gary B. from Moore, Oklahoma.

Marlin 1895GBL Lever-Action Rifle ($699.99)
(.45-70 Government) The Marlin® 1895GBL™ is an ideal lever-action rifle for big game hunting at close to medium range, or defending yourself against large gnarly creatures in the back country. The 1895GBL has a deeply blued barrel and receiver, and a laminate wood stock for ultimate durability against the elements. The barrel has 6-groove, Ballard style rifling to handle all types of bullets - cast or jacketed. The full-length magazine tube holds 6 rounds of powerful .45-70 cartridges, and an enlarged lever loop allows shooter to cycle the action with gloved hands.

Friday, November 22
Congratulations James B. from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical PA Shotgun ($529.99)
(12 Gauge) The Remington® Model 870® Pump-Action Shotgun is one of the most proven firearm designs in history. The 870 Express® Tactical provides citizens with a rugged, value-priced workhorse, that comes equipped for real world combat. This tactical shotgun comes with an extended magazine, XS® ghost ring sights, and an 18-1/2" barrel fitted with an extended, ported, Tactical Rem® Choke. The receiver is drilled and tapped, and includes a factory-installed Picatinny rail with the rear sight. Sling swivel studs allow quick attach/detach of a sling.

Saturday, November 23
Congratulations Matthew R. from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Kimber Stainless Raptor II Semi-Auto Pistol ($1,499.99)
(.45 ACP) The Kimber® Stainless Raptor II™ Semi-Auto Pistol is designed for personal defense with performance-enhancing features for quick target acquisition, superb accuracy, and ultra reliability. The pistol utilizes Tactical Wedge tritium night sights to provide rapid sight acquisition in any light condition, with minimal interference when drawing or holstering the weapon. A stainless steel frame and slide resist corrosion from carrying the pistol close to the body all day.

Sunday, November 24
Congratulations Shane C. from Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

Stoeger 12 Gauge Coach Gun Side by Side Shotgun ($399.99)
(12 Gauge) The stagecoach guard's weapon of choice for a reason, the sawed-off side by side shotgun has has been romanticized in hundreds of Hollywood Westerns. Now you can utilize the same stopping power at home with the Stoeger® 12 Gauge Coach Gun Side by Side Shotgun. A potent home security gun, the 12 Gauge Coach Gun is chambered for 2-3/4'' and 3''. Gun features an A-grade satin walnut stock and fore-end. An attractive trigger guard complements the double trigger. Blued receiver and 20 Inch' barrels. Brass bead sight.

Monday, November 25
Congratulations Timothy R. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Henry Single Shot Rifle ($379.99)
(.223 Remington) With a design based on simplicity, the Henry® Single Shot Rifle provides shooters with an ultra-reliable, centerfire rifle that's high on quality and performance. The Henry Single Shot utilizes a single hinge pin and an opening lever located on the upper frame. The external, rebounding hammer functions as the safety, and cannot touch the firing pin unless the trigger if pulled fully to the rear. A non-ejecting extractor places the cartridge where it can be easily removed by hand.

Tuesday, November 26
Congratulations Monty P. from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Mossberg MC1SC Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol ($349.99)
(9 mm) Mossberg® designed the MC1SC subcompact semi-auto pistol with a slim, dehorned profile, specifically for concealed carry use. A single-stack magazine keeps the overall width of the frame to a minimum. The barrel and stainless steel slide feature a upgraded diamond-like carbon coating for ease of maintenance, and the slide features multi-angle slide serrations for positive operation. The 3-dot front and rear sights are dovetailed to the slide, and their snag-free, low-profile design interferes minimally when drawing the weapon from a holster or handbag.

Wednesday, November 27
James H. from Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Benelli Nova Pump-Action Shotgun ($419.99)
(12 Gauge) The Benelli Nova® is an innovatively designed pump-action shotgun made from hi-tech materials. The Nova is an ultra reliable, nearly indestructible pump shotgun that's ideal for all-round rugged use. Benelli constructs the Nova with corrosion-proof polymer over-molded on a skeleton framework to form single-piece receiver and buttstock for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. The polymer forearm pushes a rotary-head bolt back with dual-action bars. Aggressive ribbing on the pistol grip and forearm provide a secure hold on the gun under any circumstances.

Thursday, November 28
Congratulations David W from Jenks, Oklahoma.

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Semi-Auto Rimfire Pistol ($389.99)
(.22 LR) The Smith & Wesson® SW22™ Victory is a reliable and accurate semi-auto rimfire pistol, with well thought out controls and ergonomics. The frame, slide, and barrel are all constructed of stainless steel. The match-grade, bull barrel is removable and interchangeable. The SW22 field strips easily by loosening 1 takedown screw. The egronomic grip angle provides an excellent hold for obtaining maximum accuracy, and has intuitive access to the thumb safety, slide release, and the magazine release button.

Friday, November 29
Congratulations Bill N. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Remington 870 SUPER MAG TURKEY W/RED DOT($599.99)
(12 Gauge) Remington's winning package special designed open stock, ergo forend, and Weaver-style rail atop the action that's topped with a TruGlo 30mm scope means that turkeys and varmints like coyotes have met their match. Remington® 870™ SPS™ Super Mag Turkey/Predator Shotgun with Scope is coated in Mossy Oak® Obsession™ camouflage to help you blend into your background. The ambidextrous SureShot® pistol grip stock and forend have embedded grip overmolds to aid with the gun's control and quick pointing.

Saturday, November 30
Congratulations Troy I. from Norman, Oklahoma.

Benelli Montefeltro Silver Semi-Auto Shotgun ($1,629.99)
(12 Gauge) The Benelli Montefeltro® Silver is a highly functional and ultra reliable Semi-Auto Shotgun combined with elegant lines and refined artwork. The Montefeltro Silver features a beautifully figured, AA-grade, oil finished walnut stock, and an engraved nickel-plated alloy receiver. The slim, trim, and lightweight design makes the Montefeltro an ideal shotgun for upland game hunting, or any shooting sport that involves a lot of walking, or the need for a fast handling, fast shooting semi-automatic shotgun.